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Thank Forward: A Gratitude Action Kit

Thank Forward: A Gratitude Action Kit contains 21 cards and a companion guide full of ideas and affirmations to inspire you to play it simple or go bold with your generosity.

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Ignite the spirit of gratitude one act at a time.

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    I was home one afternoon and a gentleman came by to clean my windows. I had seen him in the cul-de-sac many times before, and felt safe having him do the work. I needed my windows cleaned, and he needed…

  • Connecting Community

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    My husband and I were the newcomers in the neighborhood, and the noisiest. The first six months after move in, we gutted and remodeled the house. I was nervous we would upset our new neighbors, but the house was in…

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    Like I usually do, I repost Facebook posts on missing dogs, found dogs, dog stories and dogs needing a home. As I was perusing my newsfeed and I saw a request from Agros Dog Rescue for blankets and towels to…

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    As I stepped into 2021, I reflected back on 2020 and my closet. It occurred to me I was wearing yoga pants almost every day since our office building closed due to COVID. I’ve been working from home fulltime for…

  • Valentine’s Day: Women, Self-care and Being the Moms of the World

    Valentine’s Day is all about love and showing love to each other. This Valentine’s Day, we want to focus on self-care for women. Women will always mother, something, even if she is really tired. We are the ones who step…